The Collection Process

According to the WHO GDP regulations, distribution of pharmaceutical products shall be done by authorized persons to acquire such products following the applicable national, state, and international legislation.

Hence, when the product arrives in your country, you will need to provide specific written documents to prove you are authorized to collect these special drugs.

Requirements for obtaining pharmaceutical products Upon Arrival

As a GDP-certified distributor, GNH India will keep records of all pharmaceutical products received from the supplier, from the date issued to the name of the pharmaceutical product, manufacturer’s name, supplier’s name, batch no, quantity received, and address of the supplier.

When the product arrives in the patient country, they need two primary documents to collect them. These documents will prove that patients have permission from their health provider, doctors, or local health authorities to be in possession of such drugs.

These two documents will include:

  1. Doctor Prescription
  2. Import permit from local Health authorities (for example FDA)

Once patients successfully meet the above requirements, GNH India delivers the drugs to them, and records relating to the storage and shipment of pharmaceutical products will be made readily available upon the patient's request.