The Shipping Process

Shipping pharmaceutical products is challenging. Pharmaceutical drugs such as the Orphan drugs, Unlicensed drugs, and Special Drugs are sensitive and expensive; hence they will require special precautions when shipping.

When it comes to moving pharmaceuticals, there are two important factors to keep in mind

  • the packaging of the drugs and
  • how stable the drugs are under the right temperature

This is because the medicine will pass through different routes before delivery. The shipping process will often include:

  1. GNH process deliveries
  2. GNH Verifies Prescriptions
  3. Packaging
  4. Shipping
  5. Point of Delivery

From the pickup station to the point of delivery, the quality of the drug will depend on how well they are stored and maintained.

According to the World Health Organization and GDP regulations, special pharmaceutical products need to be manufactured, transported, and stored at a certain temperature. GNH India works under these tight regulations to ensure that every pharmaceutical product is shipped using validated cold chain boxes with the proper temperature control.

What is a Validated Cold Chain Shipment

Did you know that a slight change in temperature, as little as 2 degrees, can ruin your special drugs?

GNH India uses a supply chain solution where temperature-sensitive drugs (such as test samples, serums, narcotics and vaccines) are stored and shipped using refrigerated and thermal packaging methods to help with transportation. Therefore, validated Cold supply chain shipment is the process of refrigerating sensitive drugs for the purpose of storage, shipping, and distribution.

At GNH India, we validate our cold chain process under the WHO GDP benchmark, to ensure our services and practices are the best in the Indian market.

Our validated shipping systems use validated cold chain boxes

GNH India uses cold chain refrigerated or insulated boxes to ship your medicine. These boxes will maintain the right temperature levels of your pharmaceutical products at 2 - 8ºc during transport.

With our data logger, our cold chain boxes undergo routine inspections to ensure they are in the best condition to keep your medicine at the correct temperature. We use high-quality boxes imported from the United Kingdom or Germany. In fact, we make sure to provide a validation report and Certificate of Analysis (CoA) that shows the quality of our boxes.

Temperature is monitored en route by Temperature data loggers

The boxes are conditioned before use as per the manufacturer's instructions. We also add a temperature data logger (an instrument used to monitor temperature) if requested by the buyer to monitor temperature during transit.