Code Of Conduct


The Code of Conduct supports us in being uniform in our business approach and thereby ensuring that we maintain GNH India’ reputation as a company of high integrity and credibility.

GNH India operates across several cultures, traditions, local laws and practices on a daily basis, and our Code of Conduct presents a common set of principles, which provides guidance to what we consider good business practices and ethical behaviour.


Our Code of Conduct applies to Management, the Board of Directors, team leaders and employees working for or associated with GNH India. We will ensure that business partners and stakeholders are informed of this Code of Conduct and its content in order for them to act accordingly.

During execution of orders, we may be operating under the Code of Conduct of a client. Should there be a discrepancy between GNH India’s Code of Conduct and that of the client, the highest set of standards should be applied.

As a minimum, GNH India  shall comply with local legislation of the countries, in which we operate. Should local legislation and rules set another standard than GNH India’s Code of Conduct or other internal requirements, the highest set of standards should always be applied.

When in Doubt

The Code of Conduct seeks to provide guidance for employees on how to behave in different situations. There will be instances where employees will be in doubt how they ought to handle a situation.

When in doubt , how to conduct oneself correctly or about the legality of an actual act, employees should seek advice from the immediate manager. Management shall be involved in matters of principle or decisive cases as well as in respect of any actual uncertainties or inadequacies in this Code of Conduct.

GNH India will not accept any violation of this Code of Conduct. We do, however, accept that certain situations and dilemmas may present themselves, in which the choice of action may/should be discussed.

If an employee becomes aware of practices or behaviour, which seem unethical or improper, he/she is encourage to report this to a colleague who has the authority to handle the situation.

GNH India will not tolerate reprisals against any person reporting violation of the Code of Conduct whether the accusation is substantiated or not.