Pharmaceuticals Export Processes


India has a very detailed and strict export clearance policies and processes for pharmaceuticals.

These processes ensure that a high pedigree genuine products are procured from the manufacturer or their authorised distributors and are exported.

Steps involved in clearance process:

  • Order received from the client - Products arranged, shipment made ready.
  • Application submitted for ADC NOC (Additional Drug Controller No Objection Certificate), This ensures high pedigree and genuineness.
  • Followed by clearance through Indian Customs – This ensures checks of all commercials aspects.
  • Obtain a valid Customs Shipping Bill – This ensures checks of all payment aspects.
  • Payment is released from the banker's account to our account on submission of shipping bill exchanges controls copy.

We are proud to share that due to the detailed process followed by us, so far we have never had any issues of counterfeit in our organisation.