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Today, the exact cause for many rare diseases remains unknown. While some are traceable to mutations or changes in a single gene, environmental factors such as exposure to chemicals, smoking, and diet plays significant roles. Though they are rare, these diseases need special medications, which the World Health Organization (WHO) terms Orphan drugs, Special drugs, or Unlicensed Drugs. But, here comes the catch!

Finding special medications for rare diseases globally  is almost impossible in terms of availability, adequacy of treatments.

The good news is that GNH has taken the lead in fulfilling this “Unmet need” in the global Market.

Being one of the few WHO Good Distribution Practices (GDP) certified distributors from India, GNH  aims to support patients and their care-givers living with rare diseases with easy access to these “Special Medications.” At GNH, we have a professionally run world-class infrastructure to supply these medications globally.

Name Patient Process

Identify and select “Product ” from our Product page.


Select “Get Price” and fill the form.


GNH Team will submit the price estimate.


Once Estimate is confirmed, Payment to be processed from your end.


Mail payment proof to our Purchase team


The Estimated Time of Availability (ETA) of the product is Minimum 7-10 days from the date of payment.


In the meantime you can apply Import permit/licenses for import clearance.


Once the Product is ready , the origin export formalities will take 2-3 days.


Transit time will be minimum 3-4 days


Upon package arrival in your country, clearance will take minimum 5-6 days


Once cargo released by the Customs, tentatively it will be delivered to you next day


Documents required to Import of Small Quantity of Drugs for Personal use:

Form 12B (Import Permit)

  • Please click on the link to fill Online Application (Form12A) to obtain Import Permit.



Fill Personal information
  • Complete Name Gender
  • Valid Mobile No. & Email
  • ID Proof details of Patient (Single PDF < 10 MB)
  • ID Proof Details of Person collecting the consignment: this Should be of Patient’s guardian.(Single PDF < 10MB)



Fill Residential information
  • Residential Information as per ID proof
  • Contact No
  • Select appropriate Occupation of the patient
  • Then next click on Save & Continue



Fill Product/Drug information – Part I
  • Read NOTE carefully.
  • Please refer to GNH Proforma Invoice(PI) to fill this section
  • Enter correct Drug name as per PI
  • Enter Quantity & Pack size as per PI If Permit required for more than 1 medicine, then enter additional Drug details by clicking on “Add Drug products details“
  • Then click on Save



Fill Product/Drug information – Part II
  • Select the Country of import as per PI
  • Enter Dr. Name as per Prescription
  • MCI No. (Dr.’s registration No.)
    Not mandatory, but enter if available.
  • Upload Prescription
  • Then click on Save & Continue



Preview of Form12A
  • Preview Form12A carefully
  • Download the Form12A
  • Then click on Save & Continue



Final Step for Submission
  • Sign downloaded Form12A and upload it.
  • Select nearest Airport from dropdown option as per your Aadhaar State.
    • (Eg. If you Aadhaar issued in Haryana, then you will have to select DELHI Airport).
  • Select a method of choice (Mobile or Email) to receive a new One Time PIN (OTP)
  • Then click on Generate OTP and OTP will be sent to your registered Mobile number/Email.
  • Enter OTP & submit Application to CDSCO



How to Track Application Status


Customs Duty Exemption Certificate(CDEC) [Applicable only for Life Saving drugs]

  • Sample of Duty Exemption Certificate as shown;


  • You can visit/approach local Government hospital with ID proofs & Dr. prescription of a Patient to obtain Customs Duty Exemption Certificate(CDEC).
  • OR check on Directorate Health Services, you may apply online.

NOTE: Your product may not cover under Lifesaving drug (Cancer drugs) – you can check this list with local Government hospital/Ministry of Health.

(In absence of this Certificate, you need to pay Customs duty and IGST appx. rate  between 32-48% on total order value)

Duty Bond (If requested by Customs)

  • Sample of Notarized Duty Bond as shown;

Duty bond

  • You will required to get Notarized Duty Bond on Rs. 500 Stamp paper,only it Duty Exemption Certificate is issued.
  • Draft file will be shared by GNH, you need to fill the basis information & get the Bond Notarized.

Authorization Letter (CHA/Forwarder)

  • A sample of Authorization Letter (CHA/Forwarder) as shown;

Authorization Letter (CHA/Forwarder)

  • Draft file will be shared by GNH, you need to fill the basis information & get the document signed by the end user.

Delivery Order (DO) Collection Letter

  • A sample of DO Collection Letter as shown;

Delivery Order (DO) Collection Letter

  • Draft file will be shared by GNH, you need to fill the basis information & get the document signed by the end user.

NOTE: All documents (each page) should be self attested by the patient. (If in case Patient is minor, Parent can sign the documents, we would required signed person ID proofs, – PAN & Aadhar copy).

Apply Online for Name Patient Supply

Upload your Doctor’s prescription here, will validate and get back to you.


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