Comparator Sourcing for Clinical Trials

GNH India brings over 10 years of experience in Comparator Sourcing services from India and RoW markets.

Our Service included :

  1. Clinical Trial Supplies
  2. Investigational Medical Products and Comparators (including Biologics and Biosimilars)
  3. Rescue medication
  4. Co-medication
  5. Analytical samples

Key differentiating factors:

  • GDP compliant warehousing and supply chain
  • Direct relationships with innovators and manufacturers
  • Audited and approved network of suppliers and manufacturers locally
  • In-house personnel, owned facilities monitored and supervised by on-site QP
  • Complete audit trail from Source to site

Companies looking to conduct clinical, comparator or population trials can leverage GNH India’s diverse product portfolio and clinical trial supply chain to trim down their cost of trial.

GNH India is one of the most efficient clinical trial suppliers that offer its services in compliance with various international standards.

Whatever your requirement for clinical trial, GNH India here to supply you at competitive prices and FAST

contact us on: [email protected]/ for a free quote.

Stop Sourcing…… Start Smart sourcing !!!

Comparator Sourcing for Clinical Trials


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