The Packaging Process

How manufacturers and GDP distributors package pharmaceutical products for shipping can maintain or significantly affect its quality.

Life-saving medicines, like Orphan Drugs, Unlicensed Drugs, and Special Drugs used to treat rare diseases, need extreme care and cover, especially during shipment from where they are manufactured to the consumer. Plus, it is also necessary that the packaging container is spacious; has a clear label and correct information about the product.

GNH India will safely get your products to you no matter your location and in the best conditions. At GNH, we package your drug under the GDP conditions and Good Storage Practices (GSP) using high-quality pharmaceutical packaging solutions and resources.   

Why Correct Packaging is Important to Drug Safety:

Proper packaging of pharmaceutical products is essential to maintain the quality of the drugs. By packaging your special drugs, we protect them from physical and biological damage.

The packaging must protect the drugs against all external factors that can reduce their value. We will ensure that your sensitive drugs are protected from sensitive substances like light, chemicals, and water that might make them lose value.

GNH India provides you with various packaging solutions that comply with the pharmaceutical and health care standards to avoid contamination and mix-up of your special drugs.

How We Keep Your Drugs Secure During Transit

At GNH India, we understand that appropriate packaging will determine how effective your product is. We also know how important it is to protect and maintain sensitive drugs. Hence, we use cutting-edge packaging solutions and products to keep your medicines safe.

We use the right packaging materials like our validated cold chain boxes to package your products while ensuring that storage areas are kept safe and clean, with the proper lighting, within the correct temperature limits, and sufficient spacing to permit good airflow. We also make sure that unauthorised persons do not enter the storage areas to prevent mix-ups or contamination.

Our validated cold chain boxes will ensure that any sensitive drugs that present unique risks of explosion, such as narcotics and flammable liquids, are kept safe.

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