Exploring CPhI Worldwide: A World Leading Pharmaceutical Event

CPhI Worldwide has been running every year since its inception all the way back in 1990, and has quickly emerged as one of the leading events in the industry calendar. With a globally recognised name, attention to detail, and a passion for bringing people together, CPhI has become a staple in the GNH calendar for many years now.

CPhI Worldwide Event in Frankfurt

How big is CPhI Worldwide?

CPhI Worldwide features a growing number of engaging product zones, covering complementary areas such as APIs, pharmaceuticals, custom manufacturing, and fine chemicals & intermediates. There is also a growing stable of natural extracts on show that allow this new growth area of the industry to really take shape in a global way.

The location rotates through European cities every year, with the exhibition typically housing approximately 2,500 exhibitors from all over the world. As part of this there are 6 focused pharmaceutical events which take place under the global CPhI umbrella. These events cover all the core competencies of the industry, such as ingredients, FDF, industrial machinery and packaging. There is also a growing focus on delivering networking opportunities within the rapidly growing outsourcing and biopharmaceuticals sections of the market.

With in excess of 45,000 industry professionals in attendance, including those from right here at GNH, each representing respected global companies, the event is a must-not-miss occasion in the calendar.

Where is CPhI Worldwide staged?

Because the location rotates through European cities every year, the exhibition is highly accessible to professionals from around the world. Cities are particular note include Barcelona and Milan, both known around the world for their rich culture and diverse heritage.

There are also a number of regional events under the CPhI name, most notably in India, Japan and the US throughout the year. These offer those unable to travel, or who want to focus on a specific geographical region, the chance to network and learn about the latest innovations at various times throughout the year. This is something that we champion here at GNH because we know from our own experience just what a difference we can all make when we come together and share new ideas.

To see what types of products and services GNHIndia Pharmaceuticals has been showcasing at CPhI, click here.

Who should attend CPhI Worldwide?

Everyone in the pharmaceutical industry is strongly advised to attend CPhI at least once so you can see for yourself how it opens doors and helps foster new relationships. Innovation scientists, pharmacists and institutional buyers would particularly benefit thanks to the wide ranging nature of the event as well as the specific focus areas that are on offer.

At GNHIndia, we make a point of highlighting noteworthy individuals and organizations we want to connect with prior to the kickoff event. This allows us to reach as many people as possible and is something that you could benefit from too. And if it’s GNH you want to connect with, you’ll be sure to find us at all times of the day during the multiple parallel sessions.To learn more about how GNHIndia Pharmaceuticals works with pharmacists and buyers around the world, click here.

GNHIndia at the CPhI Event in Frankfurt

Why does GNH make a point of attending CPhI Worldwide?

We’ve seen the exhibition grow and grow over the years, turning into one of the central components of a busy travel schedule and conference diary. What sets CPhI apart for us at GNH is the sheer size of the event, combined with the laser-like focus that is still maintained on so many of the niche areas the industry is currently working on.

For us, it’s a matter of no dispute that some of the most constructive, thought-provoking conversations happen at CPhI because of the rich diversity of the attendees. Having the opportunity to speak and present to people from all over the world, each of whom have their own specialist knowledge, really helps us grow as an organization. It’s also a key part of our strategy to share knowledge and offer services to those who need us around the world.To learn more about how GNHIndia Pharmaceuticals delivers on a global scale, click here.

What are the key focus points of CPhI Worldwide?

Ingredients, FDF, machinery, specialist pharmaceutical packaging, outsourcing and biopharmaceuticals are key areas that CPhI Worldwide makes a point of focusing on every year. These not only dovetail naturally with the services offered by GNH, but also allow a holistic overview of the industry to be obtained by any professional in attendance. 

To learn more about how GNHIndia Pharmaceuticals delivers services in these focus areas, click here.

What types of networking and keynotes does CPhI Worldwide offer?

Innovation is one of the major themes at the event, with each of the three days geared towards connecting professionals with new insights and the latest developments. This provides a wide range of networking opportunities which can be hard to achieve at events that lack the scope and scale of CPhI.

Keynotes are routinely delivered by politicians, leading CEOs and respected scientists from the pharma world. Having the ability to hear directly from experts, including those at GNH, is something that attendees regularly cite as the highlight of their time at the conference.

M.D of GNHIndia - Dr. Piyush Gupta at the CPhI event in Frankfurt

What’s the best way to travel CPhI Worldwide?

The location rotates every year throughout central Europe, with Barcelona and Milan particular destinations of note. At GNH, we make a point of attending each session on the itinerary and recommend air flights directly into the host cities. In the case of Barcelona and Milan, these can be sought from any other major European airport, and transfers from outside Europe will typically be one stop via Frankfurt. When it comes to accommodation, CPhI elects a local travel partner each year, allowing you to book a hotel within a short walk or taxi trip of the exhibition centre.

What else is on offer at CPhI Worldwide?

The Innovation Gallery is the place to be when you want to learn about the latest developments, trends in the industry, and challenges leading scientists are facing. It’s also a space where new opportunities and relationships are realized, which is one of the main reasons GNH always makes a point of stopping by to hear more.


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