Taking a Look at DUPHAT: MEA’S Leading Pharmaceutical Exhibition

DUPHAT was founded in 1995 and continues to be the leading event for the pharmaceutical industry across the entire MEA region. The idea is to bring people from all levels and functions of the supply chain together in one place on an annual basis. At GNH we welcome the inclusive and forward-thinking culture of the exhibition and it is one of the reasons we’re regular attendees, speakers and contributors.

How big is DUPHAT?

DUPHAT welcomes 26,400+ Attendees every single year, more than 60 specially selected Buyers and 75+ Participating Countries. Not only does this make it the leading event in the MEA region, it also allows DUPHAT to offer an unrivalled level of connectivity and networking opportunities.

People come from across the region to hear keynote speakers, explore new relationships with scheduled B2B meetings, and to learn more about the latest breakthroughs and developments. This all combines to create an engaging and educational setting that the team here at GNH looks forward to every year.

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Where is DUPHAT held every year?

DUPHAT is a UAE-based event with the exhibition and conference centre chosen on an annual basis. This strategic location in the MEA region allows attendees from dozens of countries to easily attend and access the resources on offer, ensuring high attendance and engagement levels across all areas of the pharmaceutical industry.

By keeping the location central and consistent, DUPHAT has been able to sustainably grow and enhance a reputation for accessibility and networking opportunities. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why GNH makes a point of attending on an ongoing basis.

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Who should attend DUPHAT this year?

DUPHAT focuses on attracting buyers and suppliers from across the MEA region to create a critical mass of talent, expertise, knowledge and experience. This results in an empowering and highly successful conference every year, all by giving experts in the field access to the resources and people they need to drive progress further and improve delivery for every patient.

GNH makes a point of identifying keynote speaking sessions that will inform our ongoing strategies and commitments. We’d also recommend anyone looking to connect with a particular buyer or B2B partner takes a moment to pre-schedule a meeting as part of the event. This ensures you can organise your time around focus meetings and networking opportunities and get the most out of DUPHAT.

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Which resources does GNH utilise at DUPHAT?

The Pharma Business Hub is a chance for you to meet hand picked buyers at DUPHAT and take a more focused, one-to-one approach to networking and potential long-term partnerships. The Exhibition is a large scale event for suppliers, manufacturers and distributors looking to make connections and exchange contact details. And the main Conference extends for 3 days and is a priceless opportunity to hear from leaders and innovators in the industry.

There are also Poster Presentations, Strategic Workshops and Managerial Workshops as part of DUPHAT’s firm commitment to helping the next generation to excel and find a niche. Put all of these together and you see why GNH is always excited to play an active and immersive part in the event, year after year. We see DUPHAT as pivotal to our understanding and continued servicing of clients and partners in the MEA region, all while allowing us to speak with those from further afield in a fluid and highly focused environment.

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What does DUPHAT focus on?

DUPHAT is a highly focused regional exhibition and conference designed to bring local decision makers into contact with global fulfilment partners and subject matter experts. We see DUPHAT as a chance to raise awareness of our work here at GNH, while also gaining a highly accurate and time-efficient picture of the state of affairs of the pharmaceutical industry in every corner of the MEA region.

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Who can you expect to see at DUPHAT?

As well as finding the team here at GNH readily accessible and easy to connect with, you can expect to find a whole itinerary of keynote talks and focused forum events. This gives you the chance to hear about the latest developments and innovations from the leaders and innovators chiefly responsible for them.

We particularly like how the regional focus of DUPHAT allows all attendees to learn about how the pharmaceutical industry is developing and evolving in a highly strategic growth market. By getting to know the outlook across an entire region, you can make informed decisions that will improve your execution right across your industry.

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What’s the best way to travel to DUPHAT?

GNH recommends staying in either the Crowne Plaza Jumeirah, Aloft Dubai Creek or the Holiday Inn Express Jumeirah, although other hotels and apartments are available. For full and comprehensive support, connect with DUPHAT’s select travel partner: Axis Travel. They can also help with booking flights and managing travel arrangements, with most European and US City airports having direct flights right into the heart of the UAE with airlines like Emirates.

Before travelling to the UAE, we highly recommend you check any outstanding visa requirements at least 30 days prior. These will vary depending on your country of departure, birth and the passport you hold. If in doubt, research ahead of time and give yourself plenty of leeway to avoid missing out.



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