Get to Know Expopharm: Europe’s Leading Pharmaceutical Event

Expopharm is known throughout the pharmaceutical industry as the largest and one of the oldest established events in Europe. Founded in 1949 and held every year since, Expopharm has grown into the go-to event for the entire pharmacy community. Not only does it provide unique networking and relationship building opportunities, it has increasingly become seen as a highlight in the work social calendars for professionals around the world.

How big is Expopharm?

With more than 500 respected names exhibiting at Expopharm every year, it’s easy to see why it’s confident in its position as Europe’s leading pharmaceutical industry event. Over 100 speakers talk during an event which typically lasts 4 days and is situated in a 33,000 sqm exhibition hall. Add in the 25,000+ visitors to Expopharm every year and you can see why it’s become a key destination for anyone looking to network, showcase new products, or just keep up with the latest developments and advancements.

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Where is Expopharm staged?

Since 1949 Expopharm has split its presence between Munich and Dusseldorf, with the two cities typically alternating hosting duties every year. This keeps the location well- known and central in Europe while at the same time bringing new people into a centre of innovation on a global scale. Attendees regularly cite the evening social life the two cities offer as an essential part of their experience. Besides allowing them to relax and experience new sights and cultures, it also provides a more informal networking opportunity that can often be crucial in terms of creating longstanding collaborations and relationships.

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Who should attend Expopharm?

Pharmacists and institutional buyers looking to gain a broad and in-depth overview of the pharmacy market are urged to attend. The topics covered at the conference include everything from key insights into how the industry is performing to the latest innovations and advancements. Every year Expopharm has a designated theme whereby speakers and exhibitors focus on this area without detracting from the broader nature of the conference.

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Who should exhibit at Expopharm?

Established companies, respected manufacturers and leading innovators are encouraged to exhibit their products and services to a wide audience consisting of globally distributed clients and decision-makers. There are a growing range of ways exhibitors and attendees can interact and forge relationships, something which many cite as a key reason for making a point of attending every year. This makes it a far more insightful and dynamic experience than a regular static trade show based solely around stands and stalls.

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What are the key focus points of Expopharm?

International drug procurement is without a doubt a key part of the conference, with variations on this theme enacted every year to provide a point of focus. The ability to bring thousands of experts, clients and buyers together from around the world helps disseminate knowledge on a global level while also helping to create and strengthen relationships between key stakeholders. Another area of real focus and growth has been the rapid emergence of health tech driven by the desire of end users to take a more proactive approach to personal health. As such, Expopharm has a dedicated area for software developers to showcase prototypes and beta level products.

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What types of networking does Expopharm offer?

The Expopharm Night is typically arranged so it falls on one of the middle days where attendees from out of town have not been traveling. It’s a relaxed, welcoming and open event designed to allow people to network, ideate and just have fun with people from right across the industry. In addition, there is also a highly popular newcomer area designed for making initial introductions quickly and efficiently so new members of the community quickly feel at home and able to contribute.

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Who delivers the Expopharm keynotes?

Expopharm has a storied history of being able to attract the world’s leading healthcare politicians and commercial figures to deliver striking keynotes. They are often seen as an early indicator for the future direction of the industry and a way for attendees to change the course of their career progression with unique insights.

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What else does Expopharm provide?

The German Pharmacists’ Conference is regularly blended into the middle days of the wider conference, allowing for votes and talks to be delivered in an inclusive setting. This ensures greater levels of attendance than if the two events were scheduled independently of one another. The result is an engaging and highly attractive annual gathering that comes highly recommended for everyone in the industry.


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